This Woman’s Work

by Amy Elizabeth

Kate Bush, however I did not know who wrote or sang this song, but it stayed in the back of memory since I saw the movie, She’s Having a Baby.
But how this song rings true inside of my heart.
Thanks to Ryan for enlightening me so I could find it again.
Tears. Catharis.

I’m seeing through my19 year old eyes, full of waterfalls of devotion.
I’m in many rooms, delivering 2 lives and closing a door on another. I’m peeking it back open wondering, wandering…and remembering.
Just can’t let it show.
“All the things we should’ve done but we never did……”
Normally, I resist the word should for it is an attack on what was done, but I’m choosing to include it here… not really my words anyway: a lyric.
Powerful resonation for it speaks about giving birth which is the most magical and my most powerful transformation and the most incredible love then exists for those new lives and then the connection as creators never ever goes away.